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The LifEscozul® Group is the leading company in Clinical Results and Medical Research with an advanced formulation of blue scorpion venom. Escozul® - LifEscozul®

Currently in the final phase of the health registry, +500 published clinical cases and research agreements in Cuba, Ecuador and Chile. Personalized Medical-Patient Protocol and a changing dose regimen during treatment.

The LifEscozul® Group has no local distributors and all shipments are made directly from our certified laboratories.

Our Team

Alexis Díaz, PhD.

The LifEscozul® Group consists of a multidisciplinary team of more than 25 specialists led by Alexis Diaz, PhD., renowned scientist and author of more than 25 articles about the blue scorpion venom.

We are currently working on 4 lines of research, including the registration of our formulation LifEscozul®, as well as the identification and synthesis of peptides and proteins that constitute the antitumor active ingredient.

Meet Our Team

The Science Behind

Interview with Wendy Gonzalez, PhD.

Director of the Bioinformatics Center where we address issues related to the Agreement between the LifEscozul® Group and the University of Talca, as well as the research we are developing and the possible results.

Interview with Paola Ojeda, PhD.

About the research carried out jointly with the Catholic University of Maule. Interviewed by Ariel Portal, Paola Ojeda, PhD., explains the importance of conducting studies on scorpion venoms and their impact on the biomedical field.

Learn about the articles published in Pubmed

The current research agreements, as well as the Projects and Protocols implemented in the last year by the LifEscozul® Group.

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Our Biggest Results

Meet Isabella

9 years in treatment Only with LifEscozul®. She started treatment at the age of 8 months, the doctors had given her no hope of survival. Today she lives a full life.

Our last result

Meet one of our newest patients. 80 days in treatment. Impressive results

Dr. Eduardo Nuñez speak about his journey with LifEscozul®.

Meet Dr. Eduardo Nuñez, one of the doctors in our team and also a cancer patient. 5 years in treatment with LifEscozul®. Today, cancer free.

Read our + 500 results

Our Achievements

Our Unique formulation

Nuestra formulación es única y basada en 14 años de investigaciones.

+ than 500 positive results

Nuestra formulación es única y basada en 14 años de investigaciones.

+ of 25 specialists in different fields

Nuestra formulación es única y basada en 14 años de investigaciones.

Personalized medical attention

Nuestra formulación es única y basada en 14 años de investigaciones.

Safety and QA

For the LifEscozul® Group it is very important to comply with the standards established for natural products, for this, together with the Salimax laboratories of Chile (FDA certified).

We have signed an agreement to perform quality control and toxicological tests on the LifEscozul® formulation, made with the venom of the blue scorpion (Rhopalurus junceus).

Escozul® How is LifEscozul® made?

Know the necessary steps to develop our product with quality controls, and sample analysis.

We describe step by step how it is produced, and how we guarantee the safety of the formulation.


Let’s talk, our Experts are here for you.

Our Medical Offices

The Mexico LifEscozul® Group has two main offices in Mexico, located in Mexico City and Cancun. These offices are attended by specialized medical personnel and the costs of consultations are covered by the patient care program.

The Mexico City office is located at: Homero 1804 Int. 602, Colonia Los Morales Polanco México D.F. C.P. 11550 And the phone numbers for appointments are: 9883855370

Dr. Amalia Pons

Doctor in Medicine

She graduated with honors in July 2016 from the University of Medical Sciences of Havana. Dr. Amalia stands out for her direct and very humane treatment with patients and extensive medical knowledge that accredited her as and one of the best of her class. She is also a Certified Consultant in Metabolism.

The Chile LifEscozul® Group has a primary care office in the city of Santiago de Chile attended by Dr. Natty Maraday.

It is located at: Av. Salvador No. 95, oficina 602, piso 6, comuna de Providencia, Santiago de Chile And the phone numbers for appointments are: 222092879

Dr. Natty Maradey García

General Surgery Specialist

Graduated as a Surgeon in 2010, Dr. Maradey has extensive experience in dealing with patients. As part of the LifEscozul® Medical Group, one of its tasks is to monitor the evolution of patients within the protocol.


What is Escozul?®?
What is Blue Scorpion Venom?

Escozul®, also known as blue scorpion venom, owes its name to the contraction of the words scorpion and blue (azul in Spanish). Escozul® is also the concentrated aqueous solution of the venom of Rhopalurus Junceus (the bluescorpion)...

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Are Escozul and Vidatox the same?

It is very common to find on the Internet many merchants indicating that Escozul® and Vidatox are the same. Some may not know about the differences between both products and in other cases the intention to confuse the patient is evident...

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Escozul, most common frauds and how to avoid them

An analysis of the most common frauds in relation to Escozul®. How to detect them and their impact on human health. Companies and individuals that misuse the name Escozul® and indicate unproven properties of Escozul®...

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